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nedjelja, 4. svibnja 2014.

Troll time at skype sending mods[EXCHANGE]

[14:14:55] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: i have to check it
[14:14:58] *** s1G.flushoo[Modder] sent Scirocco by KєnT™.rar ***
[14:15:03] *** Мarty sent aplamdyta.rar ***
[14:15:22] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: my internet is slow bit so u have it wait
[14:17:19] Мarty: and dont use
[14:17:23] Мarty: lt number plates
[14:17:24] Мarty: ok
[14:17:24] Мarty: :)
[14:17:42] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: i forgote to say something
[14:17:44] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: U HAVE BEN TROLLED
[14:17:45] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: :D
[14:17:47] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: hahaahahah
[14:17:50] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: LOL
[14:18:00] Мarty: what?
[14:18:11] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: its fake
[14:18:11] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: .D
[14:18:15] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: U GOT ROCKETBUNNY HQ
[14:18:16] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: 240sx
[14:18:18] Мarty: you fagg
[14:18:21] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: O MY GOD
[14:18:23] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: DIS WORKS
[14:18:26] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: trolling
[14:18:28] Мarty: now you will be in shit
[14:18:31] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: btw i will not send it to anyone
[14:18:39] Мarty: FUCK YOU
[14:18:40] Мarty: bich
[14:18:45] Мarty: now you will be in shit
[14:18:48] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: men be happy u got two cars
[14:18:57] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: 240SX Two all ARE HQ
[14:19:19] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: now i can help you to get car
[14:19:26] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: i will try to troll kent too
[14:19:28] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: :D
[14:19:32] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: then after i can send u car
[14:19:33] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: there

Special thanks to bunta old person who trolled me too now i learned how to troll others :D

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