Dat ass Huh..

subota, 28. lipnja 2014.

Oke dick

what you want [ME]

I want your truck publicastes-HE
you will never have my car

For that friend?-HE
no one has my blue nissan[ME]

What a bad luck, you have another car that is not private?[HE]

It is this beautiful your Nissan
all beautiful nissans im doing its very HQ
and very hight end polys
say bye bye to your pc
nice beggin too
let me get in into your computer

Car mod begger :[FB]=fidencio.martinezmendoza

nedjelja, 15. lipnja 2014.


[2:30:34] Fatlum Emini: % of the car
[2:30:37] Fatlum Emini: that is done
[2:38:33] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: i wont done
[2:38:38] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: bcz too much chatting with u
[2:39:09] Fatlum Emini: wtf\
[2:39:11] Fatlum Emini: 4 words u say too much chating
[2:39:19] Fatlum Emini:  okaybye
[3:02:50] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: K i done
[3:04:01] Fatlum Emini: okay then
[3:04:04] Fatlum Emini: now
[3:04:09] Fatlum Emini: can u send me the stufs
[3:04:23] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: no
[3:04:32] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: i wont fuck this time
[3:04:38] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: now should i tell to gamekingsz
[3:04:40] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: or sascar
[3:04:45] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: to hack someone your pc?
[3:05:00] Fatlum Emini: TRS NcS GaMeKiNGsZ and Kiyoshi
[3:05:42] Fatlum Emini: for hacking
[3:05:47] Fatlum Emini: [this message removed )(ads) arent allowed
[3:05:56] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: i can tell
[3:05:57] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: to them
[3:06:02] Fatlum Emini:  dude u were
[3:06:05] Fatlum Emini: on the fucking black list
[3:06:10] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: where
[3:06:12] Fatlum Emini: and now ur telling me that i am good with him
[3:06:17] Fatlum Emini: and i can tell to hack ur pc
[3:06:26] s1G.flushoo[Modder]: well just u want for parts
[3:06:30] Fatlum Emini: dude
[3:06:35] Fatlum Emini: u jsut forgot
[3:06:45] Fatlum Emini: i dont need the cars to get the fucking parts
[3:06:47] Fatlum Emini: ore to make videos
Fatlum Emini